Original uniqueness is Pearl Harmony's design definition. We keep our quality
by selecting every item very carefully and putting pieces together with passion.
We aim for every piece of our jewelry to be unique and hope it will bring joy and
happiness to you.

The Designer

Yuki Maguire, the designer, has travelled to more than 60 countries throughout
the world. She has encountered many precious and semi precious stones in her
travels. Her main focus is pearls where Japan, her native country, developed the industry. Her aim is to bring all the cultures from the world to unite as a
piece of jewelry.

While living in the Netherlands, she studied from a famous contemporary artist.
Her visits to diamond cutting factories and famous art museums throughout the
world enhanced her talent as a designer.

Hong Kong

Pearl Harmony was established in Hong Kong in 2006.
Its jewelry has been sold in various countries of Asia like, Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam, Singapore and also in the USA. Today with the help of valued associates she continues to offer quality jewelry with pride in Memphis, Tennessee, USA.

Have a special day with our unique jewelry!

We make one of the kind jewelry by order.

Using very finely selected materials, jewelry is made by highly skilled workmen
with strict quality control by specially trained associates.
Many of our workshops are situated in the USA and various parts of Asia like
Japan, Hong Kong, China, Vietnam.

For bridal, anniversaries and any other special occasions, we create the one
just for you. Because sourcing rare materials, designing unique pieces and
finishing in a very special way can take time, please allow us enough time.

Each piece comes with very unique story, i.e., stones and pearls coming from
far away places in the world, treated by skilled people in different parts of the
What kind of story are you going to add to your jewelry?

We are sure you'll be happy with your purchase, but in case of incident, repair
service is offered at no additional charge.

Yuki Maguire
Owner & designer

Pearl Harmony

Unique Fine Jewelry for Distinctive People

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