April 5, 2008

2008 Spring Open House Jewelry Show
Happy Easter!,

Spring Open House Jewelry Show was held on 28th and 29th of February.

All hand-made original jewelry of Joekeltje

We celebrated 2 year anniversary of open house jewelry show.

Stunning classic jewelry

Spring is the time for you to get fresh look!
Classic white & pink pearl jewelry is must item for this season.

Variety of south sea pearl jewelry, new stone pendants with pearls

We have also lined up Japanese akoya pearl jewelry and big and shiny south sea pearl jewelry for upgraded look.
Stone pendants were very popular for a new look with pearl jewelry.

Many customers enjoyed shopping finding one of the kind one.

We had about 100 jewelry lovers to enjoy shopping in our salon to find only one kind of jewelry for her.
Joekeltje is the place to find out what really suits you and shine on you!

bird nest card holder & our decorator, Kazuyo with her collage.

Our pearl fashion collage with springy hints was made by our decorator, Kazuyo. There were art motif everywhere, like the bird nest card holder.

Home made cake by Yuki, the designer, Chestnut chocolate cake

Guests were invited to enjoy teatime with home made cakes by Yuki, the designer. After 5pm on Friday, glass wine was served, too!

We loved meeting so many wonderful jewelry lovers!
Spanish beauty & Asian beauty
Italian jewelry lover, airline beauties
Kayoko, the jazz pianist, Atsuko, the career woman
Thank you for the wonderful performance!
Yuki & staff thank you for everything!

It was the most international open house jewelry show.
We truly enjoyed meeting so many wonderful people.

Thank you for coming to our jewelry show to make this event unforgettable.
We will be back on 29th & 30th of May with our upgraded jewelry and service.

Yuki, the designer

June 24, 2007

Joekeltje 5th Open House Jewelry Show

On May 31 & June 1, 2007, we had our 5th open house jewelry show.

Under our theme of the show, 'Tri-color Summer', we have displayed many fascitinating colorful summer jewelleries, some with sky blue turquoise, passionate red coral, pure white pearl & quartz.
Also we had a simple business line of jewelry with quality pearls.

Gorgeous pearl jewelry with summer color

We presented enjoyable lifestyle of jewelry with summer tint.

quality pearl earrings, new arrivals

New! Quality southsea pearls with great price, popular long necklaces

Trendy long necklaces with colorful semi-precious stones and champagne gold southsea pearls, and pierced earrings with quality pearls were the popular ones this time.

New items were quality southsea pearl pendants at bargain prices. We have made them wishing all our customers brilliant futures as brilliant as the pearls.

Many fashionable ladies enjoyed shopping for 2 days.

All the staff passionately prepared jewelry, dessert buffet & displays for our dear customers.
Both days were filled with smiles and laughteer from over 120 people who wisited.

Artistic pearl collage by Kazuyo, the decorater

Our chief decorator, Kazuyo, is in charge of displays. On top of the regular display, that we change each time, she made a collage of pearls with magazine clippings. We have received lots of compliments.

Popular strawberry cake, blueberry cheese cake & finger sandwiches

All the guests were invited to have a complimentary coffee/tea with our home made pastries. All cakes, best in town, are made by Yuki, the designer, who welcomes all the guests personally.

Fun tea time with friends, international friendship

Most fahionable ladies, we enjoy seeing how you dress with our jewelry!

Pearl jewelry with personal attention is our goal, too. We enjoyed meeting all of our customers and are happy if you bring home our happy feeling as well as our jewelry.

Our multi-lingual staff with personal attention

Time really flies when you meet all those wonderful people.

We will be back this fall with even more upgraded jewelry and service.

Thank you for all the wonderful moments and we look forward to seeing you.

Yuki, the designer


March 5, 2007

Joekeltje's Spring Open House Jewelry Show

Joekeltje's Spring Open House Jewelry Show was held on March 2, 2007. It was our 4th show comemorating our 1 year anniversary of the open house event.
We had a successful lively day with many guests.

Many guests arrived at the opening hour & enjoyed jewelry shopping.

Our theme this time was 'Fantastic Spring & Summer with Pink & Gold Pearls' . With that theme, we had many brilliant original jewelry with pink and gold fresh water pearls as well as champagne gold south sea pearls.
The guests had a memorable moment trying out all of those jewelries finding the one best for them.

Our most popular jewelry was casual necklaces with south sea pearls.

This time, the popular ones were our new casual necklaces with champagne gold south sea pearls and shiny fresh water pearls.
Very long necklaces which you can tie in front and lariats which you can wear many different ways were very popular this time.
We create elegant and original jewelry for every day to brighten your day!

Nicely packed gift jewelry, fun sale section with great value!
New! original mobile phone straps, pretty earrings.

Our gift jewelry corner was set up. Guests enjoyed selecting nicely packaged jewelry for their friends and loved ones.

Our new hot item was Joekeltje's original mobile phone straps which are very popular in Japan. Decorate your mobile phones, digital cameras and keys with these limited edition shiny pearl straps!

Lively easter decoration welcomed our guests!

The space was decorated with easter atmosphere to give more hint of spring.

Our famous home made dessert buffet, relaxing tea time.

Tea time with our home made dessert buffet by Yuki the designer added the relaxing moments for the guests to enjoy. This is the premier cake selection you must try especially in Hong Kong, where it is hard to find tasty pastries!

International guests from Holland, Spain & Germany,etc.. Male guest,too!

Our open house jewerlty show had an international atmosphere with guests from Holland, Spain, Germany, Chile, Australia, USA and Taiwan. Also it was nice to have male guest to add color to our event.

We had a very enjoyable and successful day with many guests leaving with smiles.

We wish you a lot of happiness with our jewelry.

Our friendly staff, all bilingual & multilingual

We truly enjoyed having so many nice guests.
We will be back to meet you all at the end of May again with even more upgraded jewelry and service.

Thank you and see you at our next open house!

Yuki, the designer


February 28, 2007

Queen of pearl, the story of south sea pearl

Two more days to go before Joekeltje's open house jewelry show.
We, the staff are all in full motion to prepare fot the fun day for all.
We have lined up many fabulous original jewelry.

Today, we would like to talk about queen of pearl, south sea pearl and our new casual jewelry line with them.

our new jewelry with south sea pearl & fresh water pearl

Since Mr. Kokichi Mikimoto succeeded to produce the first cultured pearl, we can see many different kind of pearls today. Akoya pearls from Japan is well known.

Long before then, pearls used to be so precious and expensive. It is a well known story that the land where Cartier shop on 5th avenue in New York was traded with pearl. However, pearl is now affordable jewelry for us.

Fresh water pearls have been quite popular since it is rather affordable.
They mainly come from China, Fresh water pearl shells can culture many pearls at the same time. The quality of fresh water pearls is rapidly improving. You can find very good ones for not so much money.

We now live in the greatest era for the pearls fans.

And now the time is now shifting towards the queen of pearl, south sea pearls.

South Sea pearls are now the most prefered pearls these days. Those big pearls come from warm sea near by Australia, Tahiti, Indonesia, etc.
White and Gold South sea pearls are mainly off the coast of Australia, Indonesia, Philippines ' Myammar.

Black pearls from Tahiti are also quite popular.

Since it takes over 7 years for shells to get ready to make pearls, it is now one of the most expensive type of pearls
these days. The shells have to be big enough to accomodate big pearl cores. That is why they are so expensive sometimes. Some of very good south sea pearl necklace can cost tens of thousands of US dollars.
Combination of south sea pearls & garnet, white jade, Southsea pearls with unique fresh water pearls.

Joekeltje has selected affordable range of southsea pearls and made them into stunning necklaces combining them with fresh water pearls and other semi-precious stones.
You summer will be wonderfully colored with these champagne gold friendly sized south sea pearls、They are elegant jewelry all very careflly hand made to brighten your everyday life.

Try them on to have lots of fabulous and fun moment !

Pearls are natural product. Please wipe off dust and sweat with soft cloth after use. It is advisable to lay the necklace flat so that the strings do not get pressure.

4 February, 2007

4th Joekeltje's Open House on 2 March, 2007!
*Spectacular spring & summer with pink & gold pearls!*

Long awaited Joekeltje's open house is coming soon on Friday, the 2nd of March, 2007!

Why not find an unique & original jewelry just for you?

oekeltje, the jeweller which presents you the enjoyable lifestyle with jewelry is now organizing its 4th Open House, a popular event in Hong Kong.
In this event, you can try on many jewelry until you find the only and right ones for you.

Popular home made desert buffet & cozy tea salon

You can also enjoy our famous desert buffet all homemade by Yuki, the designer. This is another reason our open house is so popular.

The theme of the Open House this time is,
The spectacular spring & summer with pink & gold pearls
We would like to suggest to decorate your spring and summer with our new jewelry line of pink and gold colored pearls.

Lots of new jewelry from formal to casual style

Yuki, the designer was a bookworm when she was a little girl. She found an exciting adventure book of Moomin in the school library. She was so fascinated by Moomin books written by Tove Jansson, the famous Finnish author. Moomin stories are popular children's story translated in many languages all over the world. The production of the animated TV program made it even more popular.

One of the books talked about a saying in the Moominvalley how to predict the coming summer. You will know what kind of summer you are going to encounter when you spot the first butterfly in the spring.

The summer will be calm and peaceful when the first butterfly you see is white.
It will be wonderful summer if the butterfly is yellow.
But the first butterfly they saw in the Moomin Valley that year was gold!
Gold is the color which should be more than wonderful!
The summer will be spectacular!

Yuki, the designer read all the stories of Moomin. And when she thought she knew enough English at secondery school. (in Japan you start to learn English at the age of 12), she decided to write to Ms. Tove Jansson, trying to tell her how she loved Moomin and the stories. The author wrote her back. The letter was all hand written.

In that letter, Ms. Jansson wrote; she wanted to tell the readers the way of life through her books of Moomin.

The way of life is what we seek.
Joekeltje would like to present enjoyable lifestyles with jewelry. With our heartful original jewelry, we would like to see lots of smiles with our jewelry, which is one way of life to us..

We make our jewelry hoping your spring and summer will be decorated with lots of colorful fun events with our jewelry.

Lots of gifts items beautifully prewrapped. New amber line

Besides lots of new lines of unique and original jewelry by Yuki, .we also have many gift items already nicely pre-wrapped.
Our sale items are must see, too!

Don't miss this fun popular event of Hong Kong!
Please e-mail us for the details.

Yuki & staff welcome you with warm smiles

To view about Ms. Tove Jansson and Moominvalle, you can visit;http://www.tampere.fi/muumi/english/moominvalley.htm


January 18, 2007

Nostalgic Bangkok

I had a chance to go to Bangkok.

I have visited Bangkok many times, but each time I go there, the speed of development of the city always astonishes me.

Chao Praya River with high rises, pop coloued taxis, Modern Sky Train

The sight of big elephants walking on the streets of Bangkok fascinated me when I got there for the first time 20+ years ago. Now the city of Bangkok is a big metropolitan. Amazing high rise buildings, pop and vivid colours of
taxis, efficient Sky Train system add the modern taste of the cosmopolitan.
But I also love the side streets filled with old fashion Bangkok sentiment.

Friends from Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program,
Suchart & Berm, Lily & Kannikar

I have many precious friends who joined the Ship for Southeast Asian Youth Program. This program is an exchange program sponcered by Japanese government. It has been over 20 years, but just seeing them brings back the memories instantly. They are very very special freinds of my lifetime.

Although it was a short notice, 4 friends of ship program came to see me. I haven't seen them for years, but we had a really good time together. We have decided that we should meet more often because it was just so much fun to be with. Suchart, Berm, Lily, Kannikar are all very successful in their careers.
Meeting good friends really gives you energy!

The highlight of this Bangkok trip is meeting Blanche, my best friend,from Holland. She came to see her parents who stay in Asia for 3 months fleeing from cold and wet during the winter time of Europe
It was a treasure moment to see them and hear all those stories of Ben, the father of Blanche, who had so many fantasitic and unique experiences.

With de Leeuws, Blanche and Mr. & Mrs. de Leeuw

I got to go to many different places in Bangkok, but the afternoon tea at Oriental Hotel was was one of the impressive places. It was a luxurious moment with a nice ambiance. Of course, Joekeltje's pearls add some colour to my attire.

A boat to Oriental Hotel, Western afternoon tea, Thai afternoon tea

You can take a nostalgic boat to Oriental Hotel. You can feel a nice breeze.
Their afternoon tea is famous for its many selections of tea.
Blanche, who is almost an expert of tea chose Marco Polo tea from Frere Marriage, a well known tea house of France.
You can choose afternoon tea either western or Thai. Mr. de Leeuw suggested to get both.

Thai sweets, Thai flavoured scone.


A bit spicy Thai sandwiches, pretty & tasty western style sweets

Western tea sets are very beautifully presented. All of them are very tasty.
Thai afternoon tea set is very colorful and nicely presented. Some Thai sweets are made of rice flours and coconut milk. Scones are slightly green and go well with jam and clotted cream.
This artistic presentation gave me some nice ideas for our coming Open House.

Waterlilies, bright colored orchid

Precious moments of meeting with wonderful people.
The trip to see and appreciate.
All those give me ideas to improve.

We wish you a very happy 2007.

Yuki, the designer
A Happy New Year!

December 26, 2006

With love from Oregon by Joekeltje
Lewman Winery, Oregon USA

This Christmas, one dream of Joekeltje came true.
You can now see our jewelry in the tasting room of Lewman Winery in Salem, Oregon, USA.
Believing in beautiful life of having a nice meal with good wine and jewelry., we were dreaming of having our jewelry for sale at a good winery.

Nicely diplayed Joekeltje's jewelry on a great grandfather's handmade chest

Lewman winery is the place where you can buy great wines and see our jewelry.

Kaoru & Dennis Lewman, grapes in winery

Oregon is now worldly famous for good wine and many people come to visit from all over the world. Dennis & kaoru Lewman have been producing wonderful wine from organic grapes. They put their hearts in winemaking.

Lewman Pinot Noir

I had a chance to taste their Pinot Noir in Hong Kong the other day.
It was a very tasty wine with a nice bouquet. Normally Pinot Noir is a light red wine, but this Lewman wine had was medium bodied with which you can enjoy many kinds of food. I thought some Japanese food could go very well with it as well as western food.
This is also a wine that stimulates your cooking creativity!

They won 92 points with an American wine magazine from the beginning. You can order this carefully produced limited edition wine through the internet.

It is a great honour to have our jewelry line in this unique and lovely winery in USA. We wish our new American customers of jewelry to enjoy their lives with our jewelry!

Nicely displayed Joekeltje's jewelry

Please remember Joekeltje's JewelryandLewman Winery!

Lewman Winery
6080 Bethel Heights Rd. NW Salem, OR 97304, USA
Tel: 503-365-8859
fax: 503-587-8569
Website of Lewman Winery:
You can find about Joekeltje in Special.
e-mail:   oregoncountry@mac.com

Dec 3, 2006

Christmas Open House Sale 2006

Our first Christmas Open House jewelry show was held on November 24, 2006.

About 60 guests came by and enjoyed Christmas shopping..

Christmas tree welcomed guests. Guests enjoying shopping

We had lined up lots of Christmas gifts, sale items as well as our new arrivals. We had many guests coming by all day to enjoy shopping.

New arrivals, lots of pendant necklaces with snowman pearls

Our theme this time was Christmas.

We had lots of new arrivals with fun and pretty snowman freshwater pearl necklaces and pendants. Turquoise pendant necklaces in green added more Christmas spirit!.

Lovely gifts already wrapped for you,! Feel the romance of Jurassic era with our amber products!

We also had lots of small Christmas gift items already wrapped for you.

Small fresh water pearls in a sweet pink boxes and magnetic necklaces which could be some conversation pieces were offered in amazingly good price. Some people bought them in bulks for Christmas.

We presented our new Amber line this holiday season.
Amber is something we cannot have enough of. The fossil of tree juice from Jurassic Era is very popular among older generation since it is not only precious but also very very light in weight.
Our aim is to introduce this jewelry to every age by adding the lure of pearls to its brown candy like texture. We have been producing our original design amber jewelry for a few years and is now inquired by an exclusive department store chain in Japan.

Very popular Yuki's home made cake buffet,. Relaxing moment after shopping

Joekeltje's open house is well known for unlimited fun moment of trying so many jewelry and fabulous home made cake buffet by Yuki, the designer with tea/coffee.
This time, we had 9 varieties of cakes and cookies, all home made.

Guests were welcomed to have relaxing moment enjoying lovely teatime after their busy shopping.

Our friendly staff,        Gillian & Jan who came by.

Time flew and we all had a fun day welcoming guests all day from 10am till 5pm, our closing time!

Joekeltje's Open House is a fun event with jewelry, cakes and friendly staff.
We would like to welcome our guests in the spring time with upgraded product and service.

We truly enjoyed meeting all of you.

Thank you for the lovely moment.

Yuki, the designer

We wish you Merry Christmas!

November 19, 2006

The Party 2006 by Maguire's & friends

We have held our annual gala party the other day.
Charles, the general producer of the party, Many guests mingling

The Maguire family hosted a party on a Saturday in November inviting all the friends who added to the joy of living in Hong Kong.
This year, we welcomed about 70 guests to join the fun.

Since this event has become bigger each year, we changed the name of the party to "The Party by Maguire's and Friends" since so many people lent us a hand to make this fun event come true.

Our receptionists, Minori, Kazuyo & Caroline with Catalina

All the guests registered at the reception and received a party kit. Our human bingo sheet is one of our secret successes. It is a bingo sheet full of fun questions about the other guests. The only way to complete the Human Bingo is to go around and talk to the other guest. This is how every single guest can enjoy mingling with everyone.
Our dear receptionists, Kazuyo, Minori & Caroline add a warm welcoming spirit to our party.

You can find new buddy with Human Bingo, Naoko & Anne, Kate & Alejandro

The party was filled with a lot of laughter as everyone got to know each other through Human Bingo. Lots of new and old friends enjoy fun conversations.

Bartender team in brown aloha uniform, Tom & Robert, Li-Hong with drinks

We set up our bar at the poolside this year to make the flow of guests more dynamic. Five bartenders volunteered and were there to attend all the guests. Everyone enjoyed meeting everyone all because of those volunteers.
Our bartenders were, Tom from Switzerland, Robert, Mark & Art from USA and Li-Hong from China. Thank you all for your hard work!

Wonderful buffet by friends, children waiters to welcome the guests

Sake tasting by Kuncho Sake Brewery, Japan, Hanako from Kuncho

We had a gorgeous buffet with international specialities by our guests. Everything was all so tasty. The children of ours and neighbors served the guests going around with the food. It was a good experience for the children, too.
Thanks to everyone for bringing the lovely food.

Also, we had special guests from Kuncho Sake Brewery from Japan. We had our first sake tasting and it was a real bonus for the guest to enjoy.
Special thanks to Yuko & Hanako Tomiyasu from Kuncho Brewery, Oita, Japan

The Red Passions coached by Misako, the dance director

The highlight of the party is, of course, our showtime by our entertainment team.
The showtime, which started as a small singing show by Yuki years ago to entertain the guests, is now a big musical event with so many talented guests.

This year, we presented 'West Side Story'.

The show started with our popular dance scene by Misako & the Red Passions. Misako flew in all the way from Tokyo to make our 6 selected guests into dancers with only 15 minutes training.

Their dance was choreographed representing 'Sharks' & 'Jets' from West Side Story.

The dancers were, Buddy from USA, Bernard from Australia, Hiro from Japan, Mark from USA, Marcello from Chile, David from USA. The Audience could not get enough of these All Star Dancers! Applause!

Rob as Tony, Yuki was Maria
Savannah, Yuki & Mari, Eric the pianist & Minori was in charge of music score

The dancers turned it over to our Baritone singer, Rob, to sing 'Maria' in Solo.
His beautiful voice impressed the audience.
Soprano singer Yuki sang as Maria to join the harmony.
Mari & Savannah joined as our little dancers & singers to do big roles.
Our musical director, Rob choreographed and wrote words to make the show spectacular.
All the nine songs we sang were impressively beautiful. The 30 minutes show "flew by so fast", were the comments from the audience.

The Grand finale was Amigos para siempre sung by team & guests

The grand finale was Amigos Para Siempre. This song, which was an ending theme for Barcelona Olympic Games means 'Friends forever'. As the meaning of the song, we all shared our precious moment with everyone of our dear friends singing.
It was a truly impressive moment.

Bingo caller, Ted, Bingo guitarist, Eric. Lots of fun prizes

Bingo time was another highlight.
This year, on top of Ted, the bingo caller's fun talk, Eric played the guitar for us to sing 'Bingo' song. It truly brought us together.

Yumiko & Kiyoko, Katsuko, Rika, Shiro, the charisma healer & Noriko
Listening to the music, all so serious with Bingo numbers!

Anthony, Rita & Jennifer, Cecilia, Ludmila, Christine & Carmen-Luz

Most of the guests stayed until 12pm and left laughing & smiling after this fun event. The fun time really flies!

We have received so many nice emails saying they all enjoyed and are already waiting for the next year's party. We, the hosts, feel so honored!

All of this is because of our great friends who lend us helping hands.
We really appreciate to have this circle of wonderful friends.

We would like to thank all the guests who were part of the fun.

Also, special thanks to Family MacDonalds, Family Bochniks, Family Forrers, Family Tomiyasu, Libby Vaughan, Misako Carroll and Rob Lamb.

It was truly an event filled with fun to feel the importance of friendship.

Someday, we would love to have an event like this with Joekeltje family, too!

Yuki, the designer


October 22, 2006

Joekeltje's jewelry for Ms. Rita Coolidge!

One of our necklace is now owned by Ms. Rita Coolidge, who won Grammy Awards .

Ms. Rid Coolidge's Ever Green Pink necklace

Ms. Rita Coolidge is a very famous singer who is a 2 times of Grammy Award winner.
She sang many big hits of 70s & 80s like, 'Higher and higher' and also very well known as a song maker of hits of Carpenters and Boz Scags.
She is still holding a lot of concerts all over the world.

She is now happily married with a Japanese professor in California. This time, the friends of her husband chose Joekeltje's original necklace for their late wedding gift.

I wish Ms. Coolidge & her husband Mr. Suda a happy marriage life and singing happiness with our necklace!

Yuki, the designer

Official site of Ms. Rita Coolidge http://www.ritacoolidge.com/

October 14, 2006

Joekeltje's open house jewelry show on Nov. 24, Friday!

Long awaited Joekeltje's open house jewelry show will be held on November 24, 2006, Friday from 10am to 5pm.

The event is now popular as a event which creates a fun atmosphere with jewelry.

You can try them all! Famous free coffee with all homemade cakes by Yuki

As the holiday season is coming soon, why don't you get our lovely jewelry gifts for yourself, your family and friends ?
We have many new beautiful jewelry with all great price lined up for you!

We take pride that all our jewelry are original and very well made with carefully selected materials.
High quality and great design pearl products are all waiting for you.

Gift boxes are available.

Also, you could enjoy famous Yuki's homemade pastries with coffee and tea. Why not relax and enjoy the teatime after your shopping?

November 24, 06 (Friday) 10am-5pm
Please contact
joekeltje@netvigator.com (English)
joekeltje_pearls@hotmail.com (Japanese)

We will send you invitation by e-mail.

We had over 70 people visiting last time and many customers have requested to have another open house.

Yuki & friendly staff

Yuki, the designer & her staff are all looking forward to seeing you!


May 10, 2006

The 2nd Joekeltje Open House on May 26,06 (Fri)!

Long awaited 2nd Open House will be held on May 26,06 (Friday).

We have many new arrivals for you to take a close look.
Also, you could enjoy famous Yuki's homemade pastries with coffee and tea.

May 26, 06 (Friday) 10am-5pm
Please contact
joekeltje@netvigator.com (English)
joekeltje_pearls@hotmail.com (Japanese)

We will send you invitation by e-mail.

Yuki's home made cakes, Joekeltje's Original Jewelry

We had over 70 people visiting last time and many customers have requested to have another open house.
We are all looking forward to seeing you with our upgraded products and service.

Designer Yuki


Mar 4, 2006

Joekeltje's 1st Open House

We held our first Open House event on Mar 3, 2006.

The sun was shining on this clear, blue sky spring day and we had the pleasure of welcoming about 70 people. They enjoyed choosing their favorite from about 300 items of our jewelry.

The fun of choosing jewelry out of about 300 items..

Yuki, the designer, had prepared many kinds of delicious home made cakes and pastries for the event. The people who had finished choosing jewelry had a chance to enjoy high tea. afterwards

All home made!

The desert buffet was made of all homemade cakes including strawberry short cake, blueberry cheese cake, etc. Joekeltje thinks the moment to indulge with tea and cake is also very important when you choose jewelry.

Our customers after choosing jewelry


Kid's corner            Amber, earrring & rings

One corner turned into a kid's corner where moms took turns enjoying our jewelry and watching small kids. It is our great pleasure to serve those customers who demonstrate great teamwork.

Ms. Mizuno, the teddy bear artist, Our new collection of lariats

Sonsoles,Patricia,Gabriela,  Two best friends

We had many Japanese customers but also a variety of other nationalities whom gave an international touch to our Open House.

Robert, the singer and English tutor

Robert, the singer and English tutor, came by and helped Japanese customers who are developing their English skills.

We were overwhelmed with such a good response to our 1st Open House. We are preparing for our next event in May with even more upgraded products and service.

Also, Salon Joekeltje, in which you can enjoy choosing jewelry in small groups followed with our popular tea service with homemade cakes, has started. Please make an appointment beforehand.

We were all delighted to see everyone leaving with big smiles. Designer Yuki & staff also had a wonderful day.

Thank you for all and see you next time!

Yuki, the designer

Nov 23, 2005

Anuual Party Night 2005 by the Maguires

Charles, the host & Yuki  Children of ours & neighbors helped, too!

The Maguires invited all the friends & people, who we always are thankful, to our home party on a beautiful day in November. It took place on Nov. 19 this year. We started with a small party years ago, but when we add some ideas over the years, it got bigger and bigger. This year, some 70 people came and joined the fun.

We have been having our party in our home until last year, but now that our friendship network has gotten so big, we moved it to our club house. This party was filled with so many surprises and well organised events, we now have some friends who moved away overseas but came back for this particular event.

Our goal is to share our joy of having so many wonderful friends. And we can achieve to have fun without spending so much money. Our party is a real fun party made by so many people. So many people volunteered to make this dream come true.

Our fabulous buffet, showtime entertainments are all home & hand made. All those talented people presented their skills and it was amazingly so professional. This unique event is nowhere to find..

Our fabulous buffet   Many people made contribution

Our famous international party buffet is mostly contributed by our talented friends. Yuki also turned into Yuki, the caterer and cooked for 3 days.

And most of all, what all the guests were looking for everytime was our specutacular show time. Our performance teams present wonderful music and dance show. And also a fun bingo game.

From left top, Eric(Pianist), Rob(Baritone), Yuki(Soprano)
From left front, Savannah & Mari(Back chorus)

Our show time began with our music performance team's "The Phantom of the Opera".

We performed 3 musics.
Think of me
The Phantom of the Opera
All I ask of you
These are all very difficult music with very broad range of sounds.
We have practiced so much for this day's event. The result was so wonderful and everyone enjoyed the show.

This 5 people team is a very international. The members are Eric, the pianist (Canada), Rob,, the Baritone singer (New Zealand), Yuki, the Soprano singer (Japan) and 2 young prominent back chorus singers, Savannah(USA) and Mari(Canada &Japan)

Rob surprised audience  Yuki with long gawn & pearls

Our wonderful baritone singer, Rob is also an acting instructor. He surprised the audience singing in the middle of the tune. as well as Savannah & Mari, our back chorus girls. Yuki sang with her 3 octave range of voice.
The audience enjoyed our theater of the musical with big surprise.

The audience & back chorus girls. We all sang Edelwise together!

Our next highlight of the party is the dance performance.
Misako, the entertainer trains 6 male guests into the passionate sexy dancers in 15 minutes. The performance was even greater after finishing some bottles of wine.

Misako & The Red Passions    Grand finale

This tradition of male dancers started 2 years ago. It has been a very very popular program and there are many who want to join the group. The Maguires have many international friends. Dancers are Dennis (Singapore), Li-Hong (China), Luigi (Chile), Arturo(Argentina), Tom (Switzerland) and Paddy (Ireland).
This dancing perfomance started 2 years ago with our famous dance instuructor, Misako. She trains these amateur dancers in 15 min to perform.

It has been a big success. A wonderful opportunity to have a team spirit and a great chance to have new friends when you are in the dancing team while learning how to dance to perform.

Boys in team spirit,      Team spirit line dancing team

There are already candidates for the next show since their wives want their husbands in the team.

This time, Misako & The Red Passions, our dance team performed sexy & gorgeous dance with newly aquired red Elvis Presley-like uniforms

"Hidden talent revealed!", said some of the dancers.
You never know what kind of careers might be waiting for them!

Thank you, Misako for this brilliant performance.

Please come back to Hong Kong for our party next year! We are all waiting for you!

Ted, our bingo caller

Have you gotten the no?    Yeah, I have it!

We concluded our party with bingo. We laughed a lot with Ted, our bingo caller. Exchanging gifts was another big fun.

Alejandra & Ludmila     Sonsoles & Carmen-Luz

Hoshinos & Mr. Fukui    Lamms from Shanghai

We had such a fun together and it was really hard to say good bye to everyone. We are so happy to see our friends becoming our other friends.
Most of them stayed until 12am when the party was over.

We would like to thank the MacDonalds, the Carrolls, the Bochniks, Rob the singer, ladies from the Gaitsuma-kai, Mah-jong ladies, our beloved neighbors. Ms. Yamazaki and everyone who came to the party and helped us to make this party complete.

Saori, Misako & Naoko, the party committee girls

Thank you for making this memorable party together.

Many people left promising to meet at the next year's party.

The fun will go on, so does our friendship.

With lots of love from

Yuki, the designer, the caterer and the entertainer

Oct. 3, 2005

Future stars of Denmark

From left, Australian Kris, Tue, Chris & Rasmus from Denmark, Madz, the host.

I met the future stars of Denmark.

Last Saturday, I was invited for a party at my children's friend's house.
Many foreigners organize parties in Hong Kong because the land is small and we cannot go far for weekend trips.
My husband and I also sometimes organize some home parties, but this time it was at our Danish friends' house.

I had my newly made pearl pendant and earrings. Sometimes the jewelry can be a good conversation piece. When I meet some new people, I try to have appropriate jewelry pieces with matching clothes.

It was a fun filled evening that passed quickly.

Denmark is situated in northern Europe where people are very tall. Hong Kong has many nationalities living here, but they are the first Danes I got to know in Hong Kong.

The tall and funny host, Madz, also invited 2 Danish exchange students. They are currently studying law in Hong Kong originally from the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. They came along with one Danish friend and an Australian exchange student. Tue, the tallest guy, was 2 meter tall. My neck got tired when talking to him.

"Don't you get tired when you always have to look down?", asked I.
"I am very tall even in Denmark. So I am used to this.", said Tue.

They speak perfect English. They are interested in many things. Very polite and pleasant. They seem to adapt very well in this Asian environment.

"Denmark is a small country. That is why we have to learn to speak foreign languages like English", they said. "That is very open-minded thought", I thought.

Chris, who is visiting from Denmark, is a successful businessman. He has a shop and also an internet shopping site for official football uniforms.
"Last Christmas, the average Danish bought at least one present through the internet. It will soon be an internet shopping age!"
He told me his dreams and goals passionately.

"These guys are the future of Denmark", said Madz, the host.
Indeed, it is nice to see wonderful boys. I am sure those boys will create the bright future of Denmark.
I wish my boys once would be like them, creating bright future of the world.

Those 4 boys will be traveling to Tokyo & Kansai area in Japan next week, If you see them there, why don't you say hello to them?

, the designer

September 28, 2005

Hong Kong Jewelry Fair 2005

Hong Kong Jewelry and Watch Fair was held from Sept 21 till Sept 25. Designer Yuki joined the fair, too. This year was the biggest so far. I walked and walked all 5 days through the jewelry. It was really interesting.

Mr Yamagiwa from Yamagiwa Pearl,South seapearl pendant (13.5mm), Southsea pearl earrings
South sea pearls are all arranged with diamonds and 18K white gold.

Mr. Yamagiwa from Yamagiwa Pearl is always the first person to pay tribute at the jewelry fair.
Born in a pearl farming family, he spent his entire life with pearls. He grew up eating Akoya clam miso soup. He knows pearls inside and out. He got experience working in a major pearl company and later he opened his own company.

Since he has a tremendous amount of pearl experience, he is well known for dealing with high quality pearls. Joekeltje also uses his selected south sea and Akoya pearls and we only make customs made orders at this time. However, you will soon be able to see some products on our website.

Canadian ammolite with Designer Yuki, Ammolite pendant with sterling silver

Now you can see Yuki, the designer in the picture!

I had a chance to look at ammolite at the fair. I have been interested in ammolite since last year. Ammolite is a fossil of ammonite found only in Canada. It is similar to opal, but the rainbow color is deeper and very unique.

They say ammolite is good for fong-shui. It is said to bring good luck, especially good for fortune. They told me I would also get good luck by touching. So I got a picture taken with the big display ammolite.
The ammolite next to me was very very expensive.

When I was walking on the street in Hong Kong, I realized many ammolite displayed in various jewelry shop windows. It is quite popular in Hong Kong now.
I also ended up getting a pendant top shining in rainbow colors. ( You can see me wearing it in the picture.)

I got many other raw materials for my new designs. Please wait for my new original jewelry.

Yuki, the designer

Sept 11, 2005

Mah-Jong mornings with Spanish speaking ladies.

Mar-Jong ladies

I join these Spanish speaking ladies' Mah-Jong every week.

This Mar-Jong mornings are held by mostly Spanish speaking ladies in Hong Kong. Some Spanish speaking ladies in Hong Kong got together and decided to learn how to play Mah-Jong, the traditional Chinese game. The ladies are mainly from Spanish speaking countries, like Chile, Argentina, Spain and so on. There are some other nationalities, like American, British and me from Japan.

My father used to tell me that Mah-Jong could ruin life because it is a sort of gamble. So I never had a chance to learn. But this might help me remembering the Spanish language once I learned. And indeed, it was a fun-filled event.

In Hong Kong, where the ex-pats friends leave all the time, this is a great opportunity to meet new people. Most of us are new to the game, so what we do is far from gambling. We have a booklet of how to play Mah-Jong and we are allowed to look into the book while playing. The members take turns to host a morning.

We do have a lot of nationalities in this international city of Hong Kong. But these Spanish speaking ladies and their friends are a lot of fun to be with... They are fashionable themselves, but their house decoration is also very nice. Each one has her own style and it demonstrates her personality.
The coffee table is always beautiful and it creates warm welcoming

Christine's coffee table

They are always very charming. The way they carry themselves is quite different from that of Asians. There are many things I can learn from them.

As a jewelry designer, I always have eyes on their jewelry. They always have something matching with their clothes. There are some who change their jewelry going with their clothes and also some who always have their style of jewelry and then match the clothes afterwards. I always enjoy being around them besides playing Mah-Jong.

Now I must also brush up my Spanish.

It would be nice to adapt this Latin inspiration in my jewelry. Something not so obvious, but subtle would be nice.... Latin inspiration widens my horizon.

Yuki,. the designer

August 20, 2005

New Zealand Explored

We had a family trip to New Zealand. Our goal was to ski in this southern hemisphere country. Winter clothes, ski gears are all packed.
"Here we go",we got on the airplane.

After arriving in Auckland, we realized that the blossoms were blooming. We got all thick winter clothes, but this really looks like spring. The temperature is 16 degrees Celsius. Can we really ski?

"Of course, you can!" said the agent at the rental car shop.
Anyway, we have to see. We got a great big camper van. We traveled through North Island to South Island taking a ferry ride inbetween.

As the winter in NZ is relatively mild, you really have to go over 2,000 meter high to have some decent snow to ski.. It was our first time to ski where it was not icy cold. On North Island, we got to jump into hot springs in Taupo after skiing. It was a really fun. We can recommend NZ for a family holiday.

one of our boys skiing

We were so astonished how much NZ got developed. When I went there for the first time, the world was just beginning to know about NZ wine. Now a days, NZ wines are very famous and they now produce a lot of premium wines.
Wine tourism is very popular. You can taste and buy wine at the winery. After tasting some glasses, you feel very happy.

There many kind of wineries various places in NZ. Those premium wine makers have stylish tasting rooms. Labels are distinctive and many of those have up market restaurants for you to enjoy good food and wine.

Some of wineries have displays of jewelry by local jewelry designer. It was nice to look at their products.

You can enjoy jewelry even more with a wine glass in your hand.

Art of wine, art of jewelry.
The important thing is to enjoy your life!

Yuki, the designer

Coming Soon! Joekeltje's website in English

We finally finished our Japanese website. You can see all of our products and explanations in Japanese. We are now working on our English edition. Try to click on the jewelry pictures! We have received a lot of comments asking when it will be 100 percent finished. We greatly appreciate your attention. Following this translating, our newest products and progresses will be placed on our website. We would appreciate your


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You can see our various products on our website. In addition, you can place orders to design your own. We are quite flexible and you can choose from a wide range of materials. Please contact us for further information. 

We got an order from Ms. K. in Tokyo the other day. She placed an order for a ring with a South Sea pearl. We have chosen a trendy champagne colored South Sea pearl with brilliant quality on a K18 white gold setting. She now enjoys the 14mm pearl shining on her finger. Next, she is planning place an order for a pendant with a South Sea pearl for her future daughter-in-law.

We feel very honored to support a brand new couple just about to make a brand new start!

You can see Joekeltje's products in stores!

You can now see the real products of Joekeltje in stores.

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